Adelphia Seafood

Phone – 610-921-8393

Business info – Specializing in fresh seafood. Also sells specialty items such As crabcakes, clams, oysters, lobsters, crab legs… Adelphia Receives fresh seafood shipments daily to ensure your fresh Quality.

Business features – Adelphia Seafood is the region’s Leading Fresh Fish and seafood provider for over 50 years with 4 locations.

Why Adelphia Seafood?
• We are your one stop source for fresh, high quality seafood
• We are your local seafood experts
• We service wholesale seafood customers in PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, OH and other regional areas
• We get our fresh seafood delivered to Adelphia 6 days a week from all over the world
• We produce in-house salads, dips, crab cakes, and other specialty items.